UK-Based Nigerian Doctor, Obinna Aligwekwe,revails tinubu’s health problem

tinubu health issue
tinubu health issue
UK-Based Nigerian Doctor, Obinna Aligwekwe, Says APC Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu, Is Suffering From Parkinson’s Disease
He wrote, “I can with an average degree of confidence say that Bola Ahmed Tinubu is suffering from PARKINSON’s disease.
Looking at all his symptoms, that is the closest I can come to.
1. He has a shuffling gait.
2. He has tremors.
3. He has a face which is expressionless (looks like a mask).
4. Stiff and inflexible muscles (when his hands are not shaking, they are inflexible, as they remain permanently open)
5. Problems sleeping (remember the video where someone celebrated the fact that he stays awake till 4a.m.)
6. Memory problems (Atiku Abubakar publicly said he has severe memory issues.)
Eventually, patients with Parkinson’s lose virtually all cognitive function as they go further into decline.
What that means is that even that “brain” they are looking for, will no longer be there.
Any trained professional who has watched enough videos will come to this conclusion, but I am breaking this down to layman terms so you can understand what wicked people are about to usher this nation into.”



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