IPOB accused Nigeria army of planning to attack abia communities


IPOB accused Nigeria army of planning to attack abia communities.

The leadership of the indeginious people of biafra have accused the Nigerian armed of plotting to attack abia communities of lokpanta and lokpaukwu for alledgedly allowing the armed wing of the separatist group to clamp down on herdsmen destroying farms and raping women in that axis. Sharing the classified information on Sunday, ipob strong man Mr chinasa nwaoru said that ESN does not operate any camp in lokpanta naither do men of the ESN have any base there. The ipob strong man share on his Facebook page,

Security Alert !!

The IPOB M -Branch have intercepted a communication within the Nigeria army officers in Abia state on assigned plan to attack Lokpanta and Lokpaukwu. Communities for allowing #ESN to lunch an attack against Fulani terrorist in that axis . These communities has nothing to do with ESN , besides ESN has no base in Lokpanta they only do their job and leave.

This is an evidence that the Nigeria military is part of those Fulani herdsmen terrorizing and kidnapping our people for ransom in those area. Like IPOB press release mentioned it clear any attack on innocent communities, that cattle market in Lokpanta will seize to exist .



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