OPEN LETTER: Please Proceed On Vacation For Five (5) Months For The Good Of The Nation

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Pres buhari

15th August, 2022.


The President,

Federal Republic of Nigeria, Presidential Villa,

Aso Rock,

F. C. T. Abuja, Nigeria.


Dear Sir,


Please Proceed On Vacation For Five (5) Months For The Good Of The Nation


I humbly write to advise you to proceed on vacation for the good of the nation. As you are aware, our country, Nigeria, is gravitating toward unimaginable chaos traceable to a leadership that is not only inept but lacks candour, purpose and direction.


Recall that ahead of the 2015 elections, most Nigerians sought for genuine change and verily believed that you had the right qualities to redirect the ship of state which at the time was seen as rudderless. That year, a feat which has never been recorded in the history of Nigeria was achieved in your favour. You became the first Nigerian to unseat a sitting President through the ballot. This was made possible through the votes of Nigerians who believed that you are a man with abundance of integrity, a rare virtue in our socio-political milieu.


You premised your campaign on the tripod of security, economy and anti-corruption. You promised to fight insecurity. You promised to fix the economy that had gone comatose and fight corruption-the conspicuous behemoth and the bull in a china shop. These were serious issues as at 2015 and Nigerians who voted for you believed that you had the capacity and capability to reinvigorate citizens’ confidence in governance and public affairs.


Those of us who supported and voted for you had done that with the raw confidence that you came well prepared. We were convinced of your preparedness based on your three previous attempts. In addition, there was this toga of integrity that permeated around you at the time. We wanted a man who has all it takes to rejuvenate a dying economy. We wanted a man who understood the impact of securing the peoples of Nigeria. We wanted a man with sufficient knowledge of food security and the overall well-being of the citizenry. We choose you over and above other candidates. You won and became our President.


Suffice it to say that you have dashed the hopes of Nigerians. You have failed to achieved all that you promised us. Life is now solitary, brutish, nasty, poor and short. Nigerians are back to the Hobbesian “State of Nature”. This is not what we bargained for. We submitted our will and liberty to you in exchange of security but under your supervision as Commander-in-Chief, Nigerians are tortured and killed on daily basis. The Naira is almost a worthless currency when placed side by side with other currencies of the world. The purchasing power of the Naira currently indicates that Nigeria’s standard of living is far below international standard. The cost of living is on a ridiculous increase.


Section 14 (2)(b) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) provides that: “The security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government”. Your administration has failed to provide security and adequate welfare for the citizenry. We cannot continue this way. It looks like the situation has overwhelmed you.


At this point, the honourable thing to do for the love of country is to take a vacation. Section 145 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 (as amended) allows you to proceed on vacation. The requirement of the Constitution is for you to transmit a written declaration to the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of your intention to proceed on vacation. If you do this and proceed on a 5-month vacation, the Vice President shall constitutionally discharge your functions as Acting President until such a time when you shall transit back to both the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives respectively another written declaration to continue as President.


I am concerned about your future and reputation. The proposed impeachment against you if and when it happens will be dent on your image. An impeachment process against you might succeed based on the mood of the nation. The nation is currently bleeding. The way it is now, a considerable number of members of All Progressive Congress (APC) in both Houses of the National Assembly are likely to team up with their Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) counterparts to impeach you from office. That will be so embarrassing. Please, avoid the impending embarrassment.


I strongly believe that if you proceed on vacation to climes where orderliness and respect for humans and institutions are national ethos, you will come back re-energized for positive results.


I suggest you proceed on vacation from the 16th day of August, 2022 to resume on the 16th day of January, 2023.


I wish you, Nigerians and Nigeria well.


Long live Mr. President. Long live Nigerians and long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


Yours faithfully,


Anachor Omodu, Esq.



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