All you need to know about transfer deadline day across Europe

Premier league clubs are topping the chart of clubs spending big in the summer transfer window having spent a record amount of almost £1.7bn on players this summer. And going into Thursday’s transfer deadline day that is set to rise even further.
The previous record for summer spending had been the £1.43bn spent in 2017.
The increase in spending comes after two consecutive summers shadowed by the COVID pandemic’s impact on clubs’ income, in which the total fees had dipped to £1.1bn last year.
According to Deloitte’s Sports Business Group’s Chris Wood said the level of spending was a sign that “the business models of Premier League clubs are rebounding post-Covid”.
In fact, more have been spent this summer than in the last season’s January and summer windows combined (£1.44bn).
More than seventeen players have so far been signed by Premier League clubs – each of them for a reported fee of more than £30m, which compares to just eight during the 2021 summer transfer window.
The deadline for English Premier League and Football League teams is on Thursday, 1 September.
In Spain – where Barcelona’s spending spree has drawn most of the headlines – it is 11:00pm, in France it is 10:00pm, Italy’s window shuts at 7:00pm and Germany’s deadline is 5:00pm.


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